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Introducing the Do It Yourself Porta Communications Book!

A 'do it yourself' version of our Porta Communication Book.   With this product, you can create your own Porta Communication Book for your child and customize it to his or her individual needs in a very short time.  You can also use this product to create additional communication boards, books and aids for your child (after all, the software is included!).   The software may be used with any image file (jpg, bmp, gif, etc) that you may have in your own personal collection. 

Do It Yourself Communication Book
Product Description

Porta Communicaiton Book

This product includes:

A  zippered unit made of durable leather (may be black, dark blue, or dark red)
MyCommunication Board CD (Windows only).  
Angel Speaks Communications Symbols CD (Windows only).  
Ten pages of heavy duty paper stock (enough for the pages below, plus more).
Instructions on how to 'do it yourself'.  
Core Pages - already printed and laminated and ready for the book.
Predefined templates (which can be customized) to produce the following pages: 

  • Personal Grooming - 2 Pages.
  • Beverages - 2 Pages.
  • Breakfast Foods - 2 Pages.
  • Dinner/Lunch - 2 Pages.
  • Fruits - 2 Pages.
  • Vegetables - 2 Pages.
  • Restaurants - 2 Pages.
  • Currency and Shopping - 2 Pages.

Additional predefined templates are also available on the CD for customization or printing.

To order printed, laminated pages.