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Touch Screen Solutions

Magic Touch Add-On Touch Screen Kits - A Retro Fit Solution
Keytec, Inc.

The following is from the Magic Touch web page.  Used with permission.

If you are looking for a retro fit solution to convert your existing display monitor or projection screen or video wall into a small to large to huge multi touch screen interactive surface, then you will find many options available in the following list.   

Standard sizes are from 10.4" to 65".  Simple USB interface, plug and play for Windows 7 & 8 supporting dual touch gestures.  No need to install a driver and no need to calibrate.

OPTIR Touch - PPMT Model

Maximum clarity - no added overlay except protection glass.
2. Zero force touch - can be activated by finger, gloved hand or stylus.
3. High durability - 100% solid state electronics, no moving parts.
4. Framed segments kit can significantly reduce the shipping cost.
5. Flexible purchasing options:

1. framed segments (unassembled frames),

Includes 2 long segments and 2 short segments which have the sensor components pre-installed.  Connecting the 4 corners to complete the assembly.  Add glass for better performance and display protection.

Model -ET model -EL model -ES model
Frame Width 18 mm 26.9 mm 17.7 mm
Frame Thickness 6.8 mm 8.1 mm 9.4 mm


2. Complete assembly

Completely assembled touch screen with tempered glass included.  However, you may choose not to include the glass for cost reduction.  We do recommend the glass be added for better performance.

When you add your own glass: The glass size should be smaller than the overall frame dimensions, but larger than the active area dimensions. 
It is better to securely mount the glass on the monitor first.  Then mount the touch screen onto glass with heavy duty double sided adhesive.

2-year warranty on all IR components, 1-year warranty on frame, cable, power supply and accessories.  Free life-time driver update and tech support from the manufacturer.

Is the perfect solution for any computerized application where a user-friendly input device is needed. It can be easily mounted on ANY monitor and used for ANY mouse driven application.  Magic Touch can also help young children and exceptional children to start using computer for hours of educational fun without the struggle with the mouse.   

Windows 7 Multi Touch Support

Quick Facts:

1. Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions recognize multi-touch gestures.
2. KEYTEC'S Magic Touch add-on, built-in and integrated monitors are resistive analog type, which cannot support multi-touch gestures, but can work well with
single touch gestures in Windows 7.
3. KEYTEC'S OPTIR Touch is an optical infrared touch screen, which can support dual touch (two touch points) with a little limitations.  Please see details in the following chart.
4. KEYTEC'S View Touch is a laser activated touch interactive device that works with a digital camera, which can support
multi-touch gestures in Windows 7.
5. KEYTEC'S touch screen driver has options of using mouse mode or tablet mode.  Select tablet mode to use Windows 7 touch gestures.  The response time of touch is a little slower in tablet mode than in mouse mode. 

Domestic (United States) UPS shipping charges on the add on kit is $20.00.   Each order has a $3.00 handling charge.  We do not ship these products outside the United States.  Please contact for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories.


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