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Porta Communication Book

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For our Do It Yourself Porta Communication Book

This is a portable communication book that was designed for individuals who are unable to communicate verbally. It’s easy to use and easy to understand for the user.

With this Porta Communication Book the user receives the satisfaction of making their own choice. This is a feeling of individuality of becoming part of the whole and not being singled out by society. Also, for the parent or the caregiver of the individual; there's that satisfaction of knowing that their special needs individual is becoming more independent of choice. This choice was theirs and not guessed by the parent or caregiver.

You must send us the users picture to personalize the front of the book. If you prefer you may send us whatever picture you like.

The book is loaded with 120 2" symbols in the following categories: Personalized Cover Page.

  • Core Pages - 4 Pages.
  • Personal Grooming - 2 Pages.
  • Beverages - 2 Pages.
  • Breakfast Foods - 2 Pages.
  • Dinner/Lunch - 2 Pages.
  • Fruits - 2 Pages.
  • Vegetables - 2 Pages.
  • Weather - 2 Pages.
  • Currency and Shopping - 2 Pages.

There are four core pages or 24 symbols to augment the building of communication.

In addition, we will scan in your own pictures that you may send with your order to customize the book even further. For example: Family members, friends, home, favorite places and things, or anything else you can think of.

The book is zippered unit made of simulated leather.

Each page is slipped into a plastic sleeve for long lasting durability.

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