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A Do It Yourself Picture Communication Book Kit!

Just $59.95!  Please contact us for shipping outside the United States.DIY Large Assembled Picture Communication Book

Your child is using pictures for communication and you have no idea on where to begin.  Do you buy a book that is already made, even though many of the pictures/symbols are not what your child would use, or do you create one yourself?  To simplify this daunting task, Angel Speaks Communications Products, has put together this 'Do It Yourself'  Large Picture Communication Book Kit!    With this product, you can create your own Picture Communication Book for your child and customize it to his or her individual needs in a very short time.  You can also use this product to create additional communication boards, books and aids for your child (after all, the software is included!).   The software may be used with most image files (jpg, png, bmp, gif, etc) that you may have in your own personal collection.  This product includes:

  • MyCommunication Board 2.1 which contains MyCommunication Board and Angel Speaks Symbols.  There is also a Quick Start Guide.  Please refer to this guide for a tutorial on how to use MyCommunication Board.  This application is for Windows operating systems only.
  • Zippered binder with carrying strap.
  • *Six sheets of cardstock to print out your communication boards (One sheet for the core pages and five sheets for your communication boards).
  • *2 Core pages to hold Core vocabulary. 
  • *Five side loading pages to hold the communication boards.

There are enough materials to create 150 images to fit on ten pages and 30 images to fit the core pages.    

It is recommended that you select the 30 images per page template.  This kit contains enough materials to create 150 picture/symbols.  Each page of a rounded edge sheet can hold up to 15 images, which gives 30 images to a sheet.

*Additional sets containing these items are available.