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A Letter from Santa!   

Yes, it’s the time of the year again!

Children love Santa Claus! Heck, I still love Santa Claus! Children also love to receive a letter from Santa, especially if the letter contains information that is specific for that child!
Here's Santa!
I remember one year, my nephew, who was ten at the time, was having doubts about Santa. It seems that his friends didn't believe in him anymore. So, I sent him (my nephew, not Santa!) a personalized letter and my sister said he was all excited and started to believe in him again.

This is how it works!   After you click the Add to Cart button below, you will be redirected to an online form so that you can enter the personalized information for the child.   I will then prepare the letter, using Santa stationary. Letters will be in English only! If you are sending letters to more than one child, then after you've completed the online form, you can click Add to Cart for a second letter.  That letter will be different because I will be using information on your form to create it, and I will use different stationary. If I notice any spelling errors, I will attempt to correct them, but otherwise, I will be using the exact information that you provide. Please stay close to your email, because I will ask questions to make sure the letter is right!!!!


Payment must be made by December 7th, a regular postmark will appear on the letter.


This item is personalized. Please allow 48 business hours after cleared payment AND receipt of your information for the letters to be completed. Letters will then be sent via USPS First Class Mail directly to the children.

Refund Policy:

If your child is not delighted, I will refund your purchase price less shipping. If your child does not receive the letter before Christmas, a full refund will be issued.

$3.50 for each letter, plus 50 cents shipping.

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